MS Word is perfect for office memos and high school book reports. Not for closing the deal.

Your sales team needs something more powerful.


Custom Pricing Engine

The seProposals pricing engine guides your sales team when creating a quote. Only authorized users can change pricing, so you don’t have to worry about unapproved discounts or other pricing errors.

Asset Library

Easily access key resources such as cover letters, case studies, and images in the asset library. Ensure your sales reps always have current, approved content for proposals– even if they are new to your team.

Deep CRM Integration

seProposals offers built-in, line-item integration with most major CRM systems. Leverage the full power of your CRM, maximize your sales efficiency and reduce errors that arise from unnecessary duplicate data-entry.

Showcase your brand with great looking proposals.

Custom Templates

We customize our templates to fit your brand and design specs. So every proposal, regardless of who creates it, adheres to your corporate style. Your proposals will look great without wasting any sales times on formatting.

PDF Output

seProposals generates true PDF documents, giving you more control over your layout than web-based templates. Beautiful PDF proposals can be professionally printed, printed in your office, or emailed to customers.

Showcase your brand with great looking proposals.

Get up and running quickly and easily.


salesElement follows industry best practices to ensure the highest level of security, at the application and server levels, for our software.


Web-Based Architecture

Our web-based platform is easily accessible from all devices. There is no new software to install, and there are no hidden IT costs.

Intuitive Interface

Simply point and click to add text and assets to a proposal. Our intuitive interface and training will have you up and running quickly.

View and manage the entire proposal process from creation to sale.

User Permissions

Limit who can edit content, pricing and design. Reduce mistakes and stay legally compliant by preventing sales reps from editing pricing, legal text, and other technical content.

Proposal Tracking

Track proposal activity from creation to customer review to sale. Continually improve your proposal content and process by analyzing proposal success.

Content Management

The seProposals workflow allows you to obtain content approvals quickly and confidently, and ensures that all proposals are accurate, complete, and on brand.


You hired your sales reps because they're great with people.

Improve your proposal workflow, and free them from their computers.