We know how to ask the right questions to get your business what it needs.

Whether you use seProposals “out of the box” or require extensive customization, we’re with you every step of the way. From content and design development, to customization and integration, to training and support, our account managers will ensure a smooth integration of seProposals into your process.
Customizing Content

Your salesElement account manager will work with you to determine what content is appropriate for your proposals, and salesElement engineers will tailor seProposals to your exact needs.

Designing Your Templates

Whether you have artwork and designs for us to incorporate into the software, or you want our designers to create proposal layouts for you, our custom templates adhere to every detail of your brand.

Developing Your Pricing Engine

To guide sales reps when generating a quote, we can develop a custom pricing and quoting engine, or integrate with your existing system. No pricing system is too complex.

Setting Up Your Tech

seProposals is web-based and requires no new software installation. And since seProposals natively integrates with third-party CRM systems, it is usually ready to work, “out of the box.” If your company needs are unique, however, a team of dedicated seProposals engineers will work with your IT department to integrate seProposals into your company’s existing systems.

Training Your Team

Once seProposals has been tailored to your organization, salesElement will train your team and provide support so they know how to properly use the software.

With our intuitive, easy-to-use design, your team will be building proposals in minutes.

We know that launching new software can seem overwhelming. So we do all the heavy lifting for you, up front. We integrate seProposals into your workflow, and get you up and running as quickly and easily as possible.

Key Benefits

Close more sales with speed and impact. Produce accurate, beautiful proposals quickly and ensure consistency across the entire organization. Make sure any changes are approved, and track everything in your CRM. Whether you have 5 sales people, or 500, seProposals will immediately benefit your top and bottom line!

  • We help you produce accurate quotes and reduce discounting
  • We help reduce your sales cycle time
  • We reduce data-entry by your sales teams
  • We ensure no proposal leaves without the proper approvals
  • We get you NOTICED by your customer and place you above the competition

Frequently Asked Questions

Typical implementations of seProposals can take up to 2 weeks to complete. This includes salesElement producing graphics for your proposals, assisting with content, and helping you define your quoting and pricing strategy. More complex projects with extensive pricing systems can take 6-8 weeks to complete.

We do most of the heavy lifting so you can continue to focus on your daily tasks while the proposal and quoting software is setup for you and your team. We will generally need a few hours of your time to review your business and pricing strategy. From there, our engineers and project managers setup your quoting and proposal process and show you progress along the way. We’re always there to help you get setup, ensuring  your success.

salesElement assigns a dedicated account manager during your implementation process and they stay with you over the years. Any questions, changes, or issues can be discussed with them. We do our best to handle updates at no additional cost to you, and we’ll always work closely with you to work within your budget if changes to your business require larger changes to your seProposals implementation.

salesElement has graphic designers available to create your proposal templates at highly discounted rates (or free if you have > 10 users). Our team reviews your materials, including your website, past proposals, or other branding and produces templates that will resonate with your customers and prospects. salesElement staff and account managers will also assist you with content and messaging if requested. salesElement also partners with leading proposal content experts and 3rd party designers if you prefer to work with a dedicated agency on larger projects. We’re here to help in any way we can.

NO! We HIGHLY recommend that you use a CRM system, whether a free or low cost solution, or a true enterprise-class CRM system. However, if you don’t have one, or are in the process of making a selection, seProposals can help you get started. Built into seProposals is a simple Account and Opportunity manager. If you do purchase a CRM down the road, all the data can easily be exported into the CRM of your choice with minimal effort.

We make complex sales and pricing workflows simple.