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Revolutionize your sales cycle and empower your Infor environment with a superior CPQ solution. salesElement is redefining how large corporations handle complex quoting and proposal processes. The advanced Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) platform, hailed as the best CPQ solution for Infor, simplifies even the most intricate sales operations, while ensuring user-friendly experiences that drive end-user adoption.

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Why salesElement’s CPQ Solution is the Best CPQ for Infor

Handles Complex Quoting

Complex quotes are no longer a challenge. This CPQ platform effectively manages even the most intricate quoting scenarios, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your sales cycle.


Based on a robust and reliable architecture, salesElement’s CPQ solution delivers consistent performance, offering the stability that large corporations require.

User-Friendly Design

salesElement’s CPQ solution is designed as a step-by-step wizard making complex sales operations simple and intuitive. Furthermore the application is extensively customized for your business, using your terms and processes.This user-centric approach facilitates quicker training and higher adoption rates among your team.

Rapid Implementation

A quick and efficient implementation process ensures minimal disruption to your operations. Start reaping the benefits of the best CPQ solution for Infor with the fastest implementation turnaround when compared to our competition for the most complex engagements.

US-Based, Knowledgeable Support

With a dedicated US-based account manager, salesElement is always ready to assist you and we never ask if your computer is plugged in! Our knowledgeable team ensures that you make the most of this powerful CPQ solution.


Enhanced Sales & Operational Efficiency

Integrating salesElement with Infor delivers a transformative boost in your organization’s sales and operational flow. This CPQ platform accelerates sales cycles, increases deal sizes, reduces quote errors, and ensures seamless cooperation across departments.

Create Stunning Proposals

Go beyond simple quotes with salesElement. Craft complex and visually appealing PDF proposals that truly showcase your offerings. With integrated eSign features like Docusign, Adobe Sign, and Zoho Sign, saleElement can streamline the contract process, enhancing client satisfaction.

Boost Your Revenue

Minimize discounting and quoting errors with this Infor CRM integration. salesElement’s CPQ software optimizes your quoting process, directly enhancing revenue and empowering growth.

Leverage Powerful Analytics

The integration provides robust data analytics, enabling insights into sales performance, customer preferences, and market trends. With real-time data at your fingertips, you can gain valuable insights into customer preferences, product trends, and sales rep performance. Make informed, data-driven decisions that drive business success.

Save Time and Grow Sales

Manually creating quotes can be very time consuming. With salesElement’s CPQ, you can save 60-80% of the time required to make quotes, freeing your sales team to focus on building client relationships. The result? Faster sales cycles and revenue growth.

Unique Integration Capabilities

This CPQ can read data from unrelated objects, ensuring your business processes are customized and far from generic. salesElement’s software promotes collaboration and transparency, breaking down silos and increasing productivity across departments.

Minimized Errors and Full Compliance

salesElement’s CPQ system is designed to minimize errors in quote proposals, guarantee legal compliance, and ensure proposals reach the right parties.

Don’t settle for cookie-cutter solutions when you can get a customized, deeply integrated CPQ software that truly understands your business needs. Request a demo today and unleash the full potential of Infor with salesElement’s CPQ software.

Improve your proposal process and increase your productivity.