With over 14 years of experience with CRM systems,

seProposals is unsurpassed in its built-in, no cost CRM integrations.

Deep integration into CRM and ERP systems is crucial for success. salesElement has been working with CRM systems since 2003 and seamlessly integrates with all major CRMs. Additionally, we have the ability to write custom integration specific to your needs. Go ahead, ask us your toughest CRM & ERP questions.

Integrating your proposal software with your CRM system creates efficiency and reduces errors. The consistency across systems and reduction of duplicate data-entry saves your business time and money.

Seamless, Line-Item Integration

seProposals communicates with your CRM system in real time. As soon as a staff member enters information into the CRM, it automatically and instantly becomes available in seProposals.

seProposals offers more than the typical CRM integration. While most proposal systems only integrate with the contact information from a CRM, seProposals offers deep, line-item integration.

seProposals pulls account, contact, and opportunity information from the CRM, and automatically posts proposals and information for pipeline reports to the CRM. Easily use, share, and track proposals during and after the sales process.

Frequently Asked Questions about CRM

In most cases, no additional CRM licenses are needed

No! We natively integrate with most CRM systems. This means the integration is ready to go, out-of-the-box. If we don’t currently support your CRM system, we can build custom integration for you.

Because seProposals integrates with all major CRM systems, you’re never tied to one particular CRM package.

NO! We HIGHLY recommend that you use a CRM system, whether a free or low cost solution, or a true enterprise-class CRM system. However, if you don’t have one, or are in the process of making a selection, seProposals can help you get started. Built into seProposals is a simple Account and Opportunity manager. If you do purchase a CRM down the road, all the data can easily be exported into the CRM of your choice with minimal effort.