A Superior Manufacturing Quoting Software Solution

In the world of manufacturing, providing accurate, timely, and competitive quotes can be the difference between closing a deal and losing out to a competitor. With increasingly complex product configurations and ever-evolving customer demands, having sophisticated CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. For enterprises operating in this domain, an ideal solution is one that not only streamlines the quoting process, but also seamlessly integrates with their existing systems.

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Key Features of Effective Manufacturing Quoting Software

Integration with Existing Systems

Your chosen CPQ should blend effortlessly with your existing ERP, CRM, and other integral systems. Seamless integration ensures uninterrupted data flow, cutting down manual data entries and their associated errors.

Product Configuration

A robust CPQ tool recognizes the complexity of product configurations, offering multiple options and variations. The inclusion of a visual product configurator offers a tangible feel, granting both sales representatives and customers a firsthand view of their custom product as it’s designed.

Pricing Flexibility

Empower your pricing strategies with dynamic pricing capabilities. Whether adjusting based on configurations, customer type, or quantity, or implementing volume discounts and promotional offers, flexibility is crucial.

Quote Generation

Time is of the essence. Your CPQ solution should be adept at producing error-free, professional quotes promptly, coupled with features for saving, editing, and tracking these quotes.

Approval Workflows

Streamline the quote review process with custom approval workflows, ensuring each quote meets the required criteria before it reaches the client.

Document Management

Efficiently manage essential documents such as product datasheets, contracts, and sales collateral.

Guided Selling

Empower even the newest members of your sales team with guided selling features, ensuring they provide tailored solutions to clients.

Reporting and Analytics

Gain invaluable insights into sales processes, product preferences, and more, enabling continuous optimization.

Mobile Access

Equip your on-the-move sales team with the ability to configure, quote, and finalize deals from anywhere.


Prioritize your data’s security, especially with cloud-based solutions. Essential features should encompass data encryption, role-based access, and stringent industry-standard compliance.


As your enterprise flourishes, your CPQ solution should be capable of growing with it, handling augmented data, users, and intricate processes.


An adaptive CPQ solution that can be tailored to your unique business processes can offer a competitive edge.

For businesses that are serious about streamlining their manufacturing quoting processes and enhancing their sales strategies, investing in a proficient CPQ software like salesElement can make all the difference.

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