Electrical Estimating & Bidding Software

In the space of electrical estimating, delivering accurate, timely, and competitive estimates is paramount for winning projects and outpacing competitors. Given the intricate nature of electrical configurations and the evolving demands of clients, a sophisticated CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software becomes essential. For companies in this domain, the ideal solution is one that not only streamlines the estimating process but also flawlessly integrates with their current systems.

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Key Features of Effective Electrical Estimating Software

Integration with Existing Systems

Your electrical estimating software should effortlessly integrate with your existing CRM, project management system, procurement tools, and other foundational electrical platforms.

Dynamic Pricing

Modify pricing based on real-time data, material costs, or project specifics. This guarantees precise estimates for intricate electrical tasks.

Estimate Generation

Efficiency is paramount. Your electrical estimating software should excel at creating error-free, professional estimates swiftly, complemented by features for saving, editing, and tracking these estimates.

Automated Adjustments

Facilitate the quote generation process and easily modify estimates with updated costs or components.

Document Generation

Upon finalizing an estimate, the system should automatically generate vital documents such as proposals, contracts, or scope of work outlines that look great and engage customers with visuals.

Reporting & Analytics

Efficiently manage essential documents such as product datasheets, contracts, and sales collateral.

Cloud-based Solution

A cloud-integrated CPQ ensures accessibility from any location, scalability, and minimized IT maintenance expenses.


Considering the confidential data involved, the electrical estimating software must adhere to top-tier security protocols, guaranteeing solid data protection for your business and clients.

Collaboration Features

Facilitate teams to collaborate on intricate estimates or projects, assuring optimal results for customers.

Multi-language and

Prioritize your data’s security, especially with cloud-based solutions. Essential features should encompass data encryption, role-based access, and stringent industry-standard compliance.

Companies aiming to refine their electrical estimating procedures and improve their quoting process should consider a robust CPQ software like salesElement.

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